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       Welcome to Matt's Fitness                                                           ...Elite Personal Training in Hollywood
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       Inspired by the importance of health and wellness and how it enhances our daily lives, I naturally became involved in the fitness industry several years ago.  Only in the past 5 years have I discovered that this passion could become such a fulfilling career path as it has.  With three nationally recognized certifications and over 5,000 sessions serviced, I have been established as an Elite Master Trainer in Los Angeles.  Combined with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies, I excel in listening and motivating each of my clients based on their own individual needs and goals.  These are two of the most important qualities you can find in a reputable personal trainer.  I am persistent, nurturing, patient and analytical which makes it a safe and comfortable experience for anyone from business executives to entertainers on the go.  After training hundreds of clients in all walks of life, I have a keen understanding of the psychology behind what a certified personal trainer can do to influence a person's desire to change the way they look on the outside and feel on the inside.

          My goal is to help you become physically strong and clear minded    

          Why Train With Me?                  

I specialize in circuit and interval training which keeps your heart rate up so that you burn more calories and increase lean muscle tissue faster!

I have a solid background in Kinesiology and exercise science with three national certifications:

-National Academy of Sports  Medicine
-Aerobics and Fitness Ass. of  America
-National Council on Strength and Fitness

I am also certified in First Aid and CPR by the American Heart Association

                         Trainer Tip                              

               Break the fast!  Always eat a breakfast to get the metabolism running and have calories to burn during your morning workout routine.  Studies show those who eat breakfast have less body fat than those who skip it.  Eat up!


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